Friday, November 3, 2017

Tip -- Possible Google method to get current quotes

I recently was referred to this web page on "Free Stock Quotes in Excel". Not up-to-date, but the Google method was interesting, so I tried it. For some of you, it might be a good alternative or back-up. The primary drawback is that you would manually need to maintain your ticker list within the Google sheet.

See this web page for data items available from the Google Finance API.

I used the method to publish a CSV file of quotes data for the S&P 500 stocks. To get it into EXCEL, all that is needed is:


Seemed fast to me, for data on 500 stocks. The first few lines look like:

TickerTradetimePriceChangeChange %OpenHighLowVolumePrev Close52-Wk Low52-Wk HighPEEPS
A11/3/2017 15:44:12$68.28$0.150.22$68.09$68.67$68.01765380$68.13$42.92$68.6735.21.94
AAL11/3/2017 15:44:34$47.47$0.110.23$47.36$47.61$46.802837542$47.36$39.21$54.4812.083.93
AAP11/3/2017 15:44:28$81.96$0.270.33$81.39$82.38$80.27879400$81.69$80.21$177.8316.375.01
AAPL11/3/2017 15:46:35$172.61$4.502.68$174.00$174.26$171.1252786306$168.11$104.08$174.2619.638.79

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