Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New ZIP File -- Version 2017.10.31

Because of the Yahoo issues preventing RCHGetYahooQuotes() from working, I just updated the ZIP archive. It contains an update for the smfGetYahooPortfolioView() function, which can be a workaround until Yahoo fixes whatever problem they are having with current quotes.

New files on the web site: 
Best practice is to exit EXCEL when updating SMF add-in files.

Changes since 2017.09.17:
  • I rewrote smfGetYahooPortfolioView() so that it will run much faster than before, and allow a lot more quotes to be retrieved. It also retrieves option quotes (using Yahoo option symbols). For now, the only documentation is the above example workbook. Parameters are symbol list, field list ("01" through "34"), and whether to put headers on the output. You should array-enter it to have as few function invocations as possible. For example:


  • I wrote a new smfGetGuruFocusCSVItem() function, which will be useful to GuruFocus subscribers. It extracts data items out of the CSV file they provide, which contains up to 30 years and 120 quarters of financial statements data and ratios. Currently, the only documentation is the above example workbook. Parameters are ticker, line item label, and time period (1 to 153 or "A29" to "A0" and "Q119" to "Q0"). For example:

    =smfGetGuruFocusCSVItem("AGX","Net-Net Working Capital","A0")

  • Updated all IBD elements on smf-element-9.txt to use "https://" instead of "http://".

  • Rewrote the Yahoo extraction in smfGetOptionStrikes(). It used to extract the top-level list of option strikes. It now extracts the option strikes specific to a given expiration date. In addition, the expiration date now defaults to a value of 0, which allows data from the first available expiration date to be used.

  • Obsoleted all of the OptionsXpress function invocations, by having them return messages indicating OptionsXpress is no longer usable.

  • Both smfStrExtr() and smfWord() now have a "pConvert" parameter, to attempt a numeric conversion of the extracted string. This will allow removal of the smfConvertData() function around them, so the functions no longer need to be nested.

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