Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New ZIP File -- Version 2017.11.08

I just uploaded a new version of the ZIP archive. 

New files on the web site: 

Best practice is to exit EXCEL when updating SMF add-in files.

Changes since 2017.11.04: 
  • smfGetYahooPortfolioView() -- Fix errors on percentage adjustments when value returned is non-numeric 
  • smfGetYahooPortfolioView() -- Adjust GMT date/times by GMT offset
  • smfGetYahooPortfolioView() -- Allow first ticker of "None" to turn off retrieval 
  • smfGetBarchartPortfolioView() -- New function to get multiple stock quotes/data from Barchart with single Internet access
  • smfMenuRecalculationSelection  -- Fix context menu processing of recalculating a selected range

The new smfGetBarchartPortfolioView() is basically just the smfGetYahooPortfolioView() function pointing at a Barchart JSON file instead of Yahoo JSON file. But the Barchart file has 246 fields available instead of Yahoo's 91 fields, including a number of technical indicator values.

The change to the smfMenuRecalculationSelection macro fixes the context menu option to calculate a selected range of the worksheet. It can do a selective version of the smfForceRecalculation macro. However, it ONLY updates that range. It will not update any part of the worksheet outside of that range, even references to items in that range that changed.

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