Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Alert -- Issue with smfGetGuruFocusItem()

 Unfortunately, GuruFocus has changed the way HTML class labels are used on their web page, and those were the labels that the function uses as search terms. I made some simple changes that fixed many, but there were also many that they didn't make the same changes to, so then those broke. It seems like any fix I make to the current algorithm to fix one extraction breaks some other extraction.

It looks like they've also changed a few line item labels.


I made a compromise and abandoned the old search tags, now keying off the TTM item. That was the way I originally did it, but there were issues with companies that didn't have enough quarterly items. But I'd rather have it work for everything else and not those than not work for anything.

It looks like the things I'm getting an outright "Error" on are a result of the line item simply not existing for the company.

Because I am a subscriber, I never use this function. The smfGetGuruFocusCSVItem() function is much faster at data retrieval and more comprehensive. 

Here is an interim XLA file until I decide what more I want to do, if anything.

Updated XLA file

You should exit EXCEL before updating the XLA file.