Friday, September 22, 2017

Warning -- Google updates coming

For those of you that grab data from Google, Google just issued a notice to users that they’ll be overhauling the Google Finance platform in November, offering a completely new system of following, tracking, and getting news and information about stocks.

Upcoming Google Changes

So be aware of potential issues. The recent URL change and the recent problems with their historical quotes CSV files may have just been a first step.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

New ZIP file -- Version 2017.09.17

I'm starting this blog as an experiment, to use it as a way to note issues that have come up or updates that have been made to files on the web site. That way, people can keep up-to-date without having to deal with all the background noise on the Yahoo group.

For today, it was noted that the smfGetGuruFocusItem() function was not working. It turned out to be a simple label change on their web page, but did require an update to the XLA file.

I'm also taking this opportunity to phase out the beta release of the add-in and made the new ZIP file the official release. New files on the web site:
Best practice is to exit EXCEL when updating SMF add-in files.

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