Saturday, November 4, 2017

New ZIP File -- Version 2017.11.04

I just uploaded a new ZIP file. It's on the front page of the web site as a "beta" version, so that the 2017.11.02 version is still available for download. There were a number of changes, and they appear to be working OK, but I wanted people to have an option to go back if necessary.

New files on the web site: 
There were a number of changes to the smfGetYahooPortfolioView() function:

2017-11-04smfGetYahooPortfolioView• Add over 50 additional fields
• Create list of requested fields instead of asking for everything
• Maintain order of ticker symbol requests
• Add creation of EXCEL serial date/time values
• Divide percentage fields by 100, as needed
• Fix earnings dates
2017-11-04RCHGetElementNumberCorrected definition of Yahoo element number 13863 (company
 name) on smf-elements-2.txt
2017-11-03smfGetYahooPortfolioViewFix to handle non-US currency combinations

I changed the smfGetYahooPortfolioView() example so it has a more "intelligent" default list of fields instead of just a "data dump". I also added a tab with a list of all of the available fields.

One issue I haven't decided if I'll leave as-is or handle -- if you pass the same ticker symbol twice, data will only be filled in on the row where it first appears.

Again, I'd like to stress that people NOT use this function to retrieve a lot of individual data items with one function per worksheet cell. It should be array-entered over a range to grab all the desired data with one Internet access. Otherwise, Yahoo may be inundated with a large number of data requests. I wouldn't want them to take steps in removing access to the data. 

The easiest way to do this is to have one sheet that retrieves all the data and then use other sheets to look up data out of that sheet and present it as desired. It will also make transition easier if you need to change things, because all of the retrieved data will be in one location.

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