Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Tip -- Using smfGetCSVFile() to grab Yahoo Historical quotes

It appears that Yahoo once again has an easy-to-grab CSV file of their historical quotes available directly via a URL. See the link below for an example, using the smfGetCSVFile() function. It does use the new EXCEL "spill" feature -- if you don't have that available, all you will see is "Date" for the function, as you would need to array-enter the function. The new "spill" feature automatically expands any array function to fill the range is has data for.


Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Alert -- RCHGetYahooQuotes() issue

When I wrote RCHGetYahooHistory() well over a decade ago, the default ending date was 2020-12-31 if no date information was passed.

You can either switch over and use the new smfGetYahooHistory(), or specify a different ending year (e.g. 2030) for RCHGetYahooHistory().