Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Alert -- Updates to Zacks Element Definitions

 Zacks recently made some changes to their quote web page, so some defined elements on smf-elements-6.txt needed to be updated.

New files on the web site: 
Best practice is to exit EXCEL when updating SMF add-in files.

Updated element definitions:

#UsageSourceElementTemplate or NotesUpdated
844SZacksStock Style, ValueSMF-Template-Zacks-Data.xls2020-09-20
845SZacksStock Style, GrowthSMF-Template-Zacks-Data.xls2020-09-20
846SZacksStock Style, MomentumSMF-Template-Zacks-Data.xls2020-09-20
847SZacksStock Style, VGMSMF-Template-Zacks-Data.xls2020-09-20
848SZacksZacks RankSMF-Template-Zacks-Data.xls2020-09-20

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