Monday, June 25, 2018

Alert -- Restored StockScouter Element Definitions

StockScouter data elements used to come from MSN before they removed the data from their web pages. So those elements had been obsoleted. A question on the Yahoo group today noted that they are now available from the FreeRealTime web site, so I restored the element definitions that I could.

New files on the web site: 

Best practice is to exit EXCEL when updating SMF add-in files.

Restored element definitions:

# UsageSourceElementTemplate or NotesUpdated
541SScouterQuick SummaryNone2018-06-25
543SScouterStockScouter Rating -- CurrentNone2018-06-25
544SScouterStockScouter Rating -- 1 Month AgoNone2018-06-25
545SScouterStockScouter Rating -- 3 Months AgoNone2018-06-25
546SScouterStockScouter Rating -- 6 Months AgoNone2018-06-25
547SScouterTechnical GradeNone2018-06-25
548SScouterValuation GradeNone2018-06-25
549SScouterOwnership GradeNone2018-06-25
550SScouterFundamental GradeNone2018-06-25
551SScouterReturn GradeNone2018-06-25
552SScouterRisk GradeNone2018-06-25

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